Saturday, 27 June 2015

Opening as senior HR Consultant


 Entire hiring cycle starting with understanding the client's requirement till the candidate hit the board .Handling Recruitment.
Search and selection of candidates through various sources like data bank, headhunting, and referrals or by online recruitment Portals (Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn) · Meet and manage recruitment targets for the organization. ·
Mapping and Documenting of all processes related to the recruitment function. · Worked on niche positions of mid management and top management level.
Hired for industries like Banking/financial companies/Hospitality/BPO’s ·
 Bringing in quality resources to help meet business objectives,
Excellent turnaround time (TAT)
Time efficient closures
Effective & Clear communication ·
Conducting telephonic, face to face interviews and short listing candidates & aligning them for further interviews ·
Taking post interview feedbacks & ensuring that the sourcing is in lines with the business HR requirements,
Documents to be collected from selected candidates for the offer process ·
Develops and maintains network of contacts to help identify and source qualified candidates. . Monitoring the Selection Process.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Five Things to remember while changing the job

This time of the year everyone talks about getting better jobs. The problem is that a few months later you check in with these same people and they are as unhappy as ever. They went from bad to worst. The question is how to avoid this situation. The answer is to look before you leap. Here are 5 things to think about before you change jobs.
Taking a new job because your hate your current one is a terrible thing for everyone. This is a big red flag for employers. Haters and complainers rarely change their tune. They will soon be dissatisfied at your place and make an early exit. This means a waste of financial and management resources. They also damage team morale. The better path is to enter a new job with clarity, commitment and passion. It sets in motion the best prospects for success for yourself and your new employer.
If you want to find a place that is the right fit for you, do your homework. Use every available resources to secure a clear view on the strategy and culture of the prospective firm. And then dig deep into the details of the job, team and game plan during your interview process. Interviews are not just about showcasing your skills and track record. They are your last chance to get real time intel on what life will look like at the new firm. If you pick up red flags, you still have a chance to explore other opportunities.
If your goal is to increase your upward mobility, then pick markets that are growing. And if you are up for the messy and higher risk side of business, then look for undervalued turnaround situations. Both of these environments give you a chance to push yourself, create real value and win the rewards that come with delivering results.
Where is the best place to make a living? Forbes staff Kathryn Dill worked up a list of the best and worst places to both work and play. Factoring in quality of life matters. Securing more income is good, but if you are miserable doing it or you cannot stand your community you have to ask, “What’s the point?” Far better to find a place and firm that is the right fit.
Pick a place that lines up with your values and where you think you can make an impact. It is one of the best immunizations against a quarter or midlife crisis. Shared values unlock your ability to do your best work. Employers are beginning to understand that the Millennial generation is driven by purpose and craftsmanship. Advisory firms like the Purpose Generation are helping firms understand this and incorporate it into their recruitment and corporate strategy.
Factoring in these five things takes time. It is an investment. It is worthwhile because finding a job that matches your work and home objectives generates the best dividend year after year: sustained fulfillment.
Best Regards
Suhas Shivalkar

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

ADM_ DNA, Leading MNC in Financial sector

Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for ambitious, fast- faced, self motivated sales professionals eager to make a career and grow in the Sales Function.

We bring to you 

DNA (Develop, Nurture and Achieve), a premium sales channel 

WHY DNA Channel?

·         12 months Cross – Functional Training

·         Involves Classroom & On – Job training

·         Attractive Pay Package & Incentives

·         Opportunity to Develop your talent

·         Opportunity to work with one of the prestigious organisation

We are looking for passionate individuals for the role of Agency Development Manager (ADM)


Age:                  >24 yrs

Experience:     Minimum 2 years in Sales

Industry:          Any (Except Insurance).

  • The first 12 months are going to be your training period. During this period you will undergo an extensive cross functional training which would be a mix of classroom and on the job exposure. There will be certifications at the end of each phase.
  • Senior professionals will handhold you throughout your traineeship giving their inputs and providing insights. You will also get an opportunity to interact with Top Management of the organization at regular intervals and seek their inputs wherever required.
  • After the successful completion of training you will be required to meet your sales target by recruiting, managing and driving a team of Financial Consultants who could be Chartered Accountants, IAS officers, Top Government officials, Financial Experts etc.
  • You will be evaluated mainly on your ability to build a strong distribution (No. of active, successful Financial Consultants) to meet your business targets and your quality of business.
Grand Forum India  has been successfully involved in recruiting top quality professionals for its clients in the FMCG, Consumer Durables, Insurance, Telecom, Pharama, Manufacturing, Banking,Education and the retailing industries, since its inception in 2009.

Prior to becoming recruitment consultants each of our senior consultants was successful professionals with years of experience with reputed organizations. Our entire team is selected carefully keeping in mind the competency and background required, to serve our clients and candidates in the most professional manner.
In addition to our consultants we have an in house research department with sole responsibility to provide our recruiters with a constant flair of qualified candidates. Our expert researchers are trained to utilize multiple search method in sourcing exceptional hard to find executives who meet and exceed client criteria.

Our integrated search process comprises the following steps:
In depth face- to- face interviews.
Candidates’ profiles along with insightful consultant comments.
Facilitating the client-candidate meetings.
Extensive reference checks.
Involvement in negotiations.

Contact Details


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hi allMy name is Suhas, I work with Grand Forum India, the Knowledge Empire Pvt Ltd
My Contact No is 7506798654.We are a fast growing management consultancy. Having Tie-ups with various sectors such as

1) Real Estate2) Hospitality3) BFSI
4) BPO Sectors

We are on the expansion mode and we are looking forward to recruit an excellent talent from the trade.CTC is not at all a constraint for a right candidate.

The Eligibility Criterion is :-

Graduate/ MBAExcellent Communications and presentation skills.Age Group: Between 23 to 30
The preference will be given to the candidates who are from South Mumbai and Central and harbor line suburbs of Mumbai and Thane.Candidates prepared to travel from western suburbs also m ay applyNon Graduate with excellent communication skills with desire to make career in HR Field also may apply.

Best Regards

Suhas Shivalkar

Grand Forum IndiaThe Knowledge Empire Pvt Ltd.101, Shree Datta Prasad, ram Maruti Road,Thane (west) pin -


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Join us in our mission


We are a very fast growing Management Consultancy. We are a team of over forty very well experienced Management Consultant 
and inviting the  candidate to participate our mission to excel in the field of HR/ Recruitment Industry

We are next gen Management Consultancy working very differently and keeping the pace with digital world and using digital technology to increase our reach in the corporate world.

We are looking forward to recruit like minded people with new ideas to take our business to the next level. Please feel free to call us on the cell number given below or walk in with prior appointment if you wish to become a part of our mission

Best Regards
Suhas Shivalkar 

Contact Details;-
The Knowledge Empire Pvt Ltd,
101, Shree Datta Prasad Bldg,
Ram Maruti Road,
Thane (west)
Pin- 400602
Contact No: 9867593244

( NB. Please post your comments. If ant of your friends are interested, Please refere them to us) 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fun at Work....Birthday Celebrations

It always happens with each and every professional in the world that no one gets time to go to their own loved ones, relatives, friends and spend quality time.

The professional commitments become so huge and unavoidable that time is an important element and its really become very difficult to find time for metal relaxation.

This results in to makinf friends at work place, find some one with whom you can share and care, If you create fun at work place it helps you lot for Employee Engagement

Celebrating the employee`s birthday at work place with a small birthday cake cutting activity makes employee very thrilled and overwhelmed. So here is how we have celebrated the birthday of our very eminent, hardworking employee.

Suhas Shivalkar

Monday, 4 May 2015

MIS Executive - The Knowledge Empire Pvt Ltd

    Job Description 
    Managing the process of lead generation
    Do the lead management 
    Making the follow ups with sales executive about the leads and ensure the lead given is closed within given TAT
    Making daily MIS Report.
    Implementing new ideas to in hence the more and more productivity with prior approval of the higher management 

Desired Profile
    Graduate / HSC Pass out with excellent hands on MS_Excel also may apply 
    Excellent Communication and presentation skills
    Candidates residing in Mumbaii, Thane and navi Mumbai will be given preferences
    Excellent command over English is must
    Candidates working currently in lead generation will be given preferences 

Company Profile
W are a leading management consultancy recruiting for various sector. Our company is also iin big time Corporate and soft skills training. As we are growing and foreseeing the exponential grwoth ahead, we are looking forward to recruit with immediate effect 

Contact Manisha on 9869925147 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Back End Operation Manager - Leading Foreign Funded Property Portal

Job Description:-
Managing Sales Oriented team which is working on selling the stocks available with organization
Managing outbond team on day to basis and ensure optimum productivity 
Design the sales and marketing strategy and executing it.
Conducting Group Meetings and figuring out the employees efficiency and if there are any lacuna then address it on one on one basis 
 Working on individual goal plans and developing it with the help of team 
Managing existing Clients and developing PR with the at the same timre acquiring new ones 
Manage Client queries smartly & escalate when needed.
-Document all interactions with Client as per Standard Operating Procedure
Ensure quick turnaround for all leads.

Desired Candidate Profile:-
Graduate/ MBA preferred
Excellent communication & persuasion skills, interpersonal skills - verbal AND written.
Must be a graduate with basic computer skills.
Good exposure to sales in any domain. Preferably e-commerce.
Highly self-motivated, willing to learn and quick adaptation to new processes within lesser time frame.
Ability to work with little direct supervision - Self Driven
Able to think creatively and provide solutions.
Extremely engaging along with skill of soft sales.

Company Profile:-
A Leading Foreign Funded Property Portal
Our Client is leading Foreign Funded Property Portal and working on exclusive concept of online property sales. The Organization has reached 43 metro cities in a very short span of time. As they are grwoing with tremendous speed, they are looking forward to recruit with immediate effect for their upcoming expansion plan

Contact Details
Recruiter Name:
Ms. Shraddha
Reference Id:
Real Estate- 00034

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Check - List for interview

Every interview has a unique focus, but some questions are asked so often, it makes sense to do all you can to prepare for them. In order to be successful, you need a strategy -- not scripted answers. Your goal should be to emphasize the experiences in your background that best fit what each interviewer is looking for.
In this series, we'll look at some common questions and what you should consider when formulating your responses. Work through each potential question, creating your own responses, and you will be in great shape for your next interview. It helps to write out potential answers. Even better: Practice aloud with someone.
QUESTION: Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?
Intent: Early in your career, interviewers want to get a sense of your personal goals, ambition, drive and direction. At mid-career, they will be listening for responses relevant to their needs.
Context: You'll need to decide how much to share. If you want to run your own business five years from now and need a certain kind of experience in a competitive company, don't reveal that goal. But if you want to become a VP by age 35 and are interviewing in a merit-based environment, go ahead and tell the interviewer.
Response: "My goal is to be a corporate VP by the time I am 35." Or you might give a more subjective answer: "In five years, I want to have gained solid experience in marketing communications and be developing skills in another marketing function."
QUESTION:Tell me about your proudest achievement.
Intent: This question, often worded as "significant accomplishment," ranks among the most predictable and important things you'll be asked. Interviewers want to hear how you tackled something big. It is vital you give them an organized, articulate story.
Context: This is a behavioral question -- meaning you're being asked to talk about a specific example from your professional history. Pick an example or story about how you handled a major project that is both significant to you and rich in detail.
Response: Set up the story by providing context. Recount the situation and your role in it. Next, discuss what you did, including any analysis or problem solving, any process you set up and obstacles you had to overcome. Finally, reveal the outcome and what made you proud.
QUESTION: Give me an example of a time when you had to think out of the box.
Intent: This is code for asking about your innovativeness, creativity and initiative. Interviewers want to learn about not only a specific creative idea but also how you came up with it and, more importantly, what you did with that insight.
Context: This is another behavioral question, and the example you select is critical. It should be relevant to the job you're interviewing for, and your impact in the story should be significant.
Response: Tell interviewers how you came up with a creative solution to a customer problem, improved an internal process or made a sale via an innovative strategy.
QUESTION: What negative thing would your last boss say about you?
Intent: This is another way of asking about your weaknesses.
Context: A good approach is to discuss weaknesses you can develop into strengths. However, do not say you work too hard or are a perfectionist. These answers are tired and transparent. Come up with something visible to a past boss that was perhaps mentioned in your performance reviews as a developmental area.
Response: "I don't think she would have called it negative, but she identified that I needed to work on being more dynamic in my presentation skills. I have sought out practice opportunities and joined Toastmasters. I have seen some real improvement."
QUESTION: What can you do for us that other candidates can't?
Intent: Some interview questions are more important than others. This is one of them. It's another way of asking, "Why should we hire you?"
Context: There are two nuances to this question. The first is asking you to compare yourself to other candidates -- usually a difficult if not impossible task. More importantly, the interviewer is asking you to articulate why you are special. Your response should sum up your main selling points, related specifically to the job requirements.
Response: Consider what you have to offer: past experience directly related to the job; specialized knowledge; relevant situational expertise and experience (growth, change, turnaround, startup); skills; networks; demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm for the business or your profession; future potential.
Create a list of four to six categories of reasons that best support and summarize your candidacy, and put them in logical order, along with supporting evidence for each reason. Most points should be backed up with follow-up information.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Senior Customer Relationship Manager for MNC Realty Portal

Job Description
Managing the Client Relations by give relentless online support Developing the Public Relations and promoting business Designing and developing various client promotion activities and implementing it online Keeping tin ouch with clients and developing more and more strong bonding to have optimum business promotion Exploring new ideas to boast efficiency levels

Desired Job Profile:-
    Fresh Graduate 
    Non-graduate with 6 months of BPOs also may apply
    Excellent spoken and written English
    Candidates with foreign BPOs tired of noght shifts are most suitable 
    Candidates with any graduation having burning desire to make the best incentives also may apply

    Company Profile:-

    The Leading Foreign funded Realty Portal
    Our Client is leading Realty portal. They are just funded by a one of the UK based investor as they are working on very unique concept.
    Company has registered fabulous growth in very short span of time and spread over 43 cities across the country 
    Remuneration is no bar for right candidate                                                                                                                                                             
    Contact Bhakti

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Senior Channe Development Manager -multy-crore Diamond Trading Company

Job Description

    Planning and achieving sales targets
    Meeting the channel Partners on regular basis, developing the Pr and sourcing the business
    Managing and monitoring stock positions and promoting available stocks in to retail market.
    Designing  the price structure and profitability ratio and performing all the marketing and Merchandising activities 
    Making the business plan,,strategies and implementing it in order to boost more and more sales

Desired Candidate Profile:-

    MBA preferred
    Minimum 5 years in the same field and must have entire and up to date knowledge of the Industry
    Excellent communications and presentation skills 
    Since the job involves Channel Sales must be prepared for field work and must be ready  to travel anywhere in India.
    Must be a local candidate with all the local are information of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai Area 
    Must be coming from good family background

Company Profile::-
Multy Crore Diamond Manufacturing Company
Our Client is Mumbai based diamond trading company. They are doing OEM jobs for all the top leading brands of diamonds and planning to establish their own brand name with their own identity. 
Its a fabulous opportunity for creative marketing and sales person who has ready made channel traders network of his own and salary is no bar for right candidate

Contact Details
Sushree Mishra

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Want to be an Entrepreneur ?

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Greetings for the day...!

My name is Sushree, I work as Senior Management Consultant with The Knowledge Empire Pvt, Ltd.

We are in to the Business of
1)      Management Consultancy
2)      Corporate Training and Skills Development
3)      BOT ( Bring Operate and Transfer)
We are part of one of the well reputed Education Trust in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
We are looking out for the candidates who have the desire, ambition to become Entrepreneurs and having expertise in their relevant filed.
We are ready to offer them the entire business set such as AC Office, Fastest Internet, Meeting Room Facility, Pantry, ie each and everything which is ideally required to run the successful business including the set of our clients with very attractive terms at very reasonable cost.
The Set up will be at very premium and commercial locality. 
This opportunity is available for:-
1)      The people who have taken sabbaticals and finding difficult get suitable opportunity
2)      Educated Housewives who have resigned due to family commitments and looking forward to work in flexible hours and earn descent income
3)      Who have basic internet knowledge and ready to work from home
The entire support such as offline/online training will be provided. This is the never before opportunity for the people from all the walks of life. We have also designed very ulcerative incentive structure on monitory front and in kind such as foreign trips etc.

Please communicate with us on 7506798692 Email:
Please feel free to walk-in with prior appointment at
Ms Sushree,
The Knowledge Empire Pvt, Ltd
101, Shree Datta Prasad Building,
Ram Maruti Road, Thane (west)-Pin – 400602
Near New English School.All,

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

On Searching a new Job


In the world every person is starving for the betterment in the legitimate manner. Businessmen are hungry to snatch the major portion of the market share, the professionals always seek the better job opportunity will maximum salary hike.

As a consultant one must always remember the following steps while searching a ne job.

1) Modified and Upload your Cv on top Job Portals:: You must modify the Cv with regular interval so that it can appear at higher rank on the job portal.

2) Browse the Jobs: Keep browsing the jobs on the portals on every Friday as the recruiters post all the premium jobs on Friday morning on wards. You may be or may not find your dream job. Do not waorry, please observe the pattern of particulr recruiter`s job postings. Identify the recruiter who has posted maximum jobs and her/his jobs are appearing on the top rank of the portal.

3) Call The Recruiter: Do call such recruiter who has posted maximum job and meet him/her with prior appointment with the updated copy of resume. There is a very strong possibility that the same recruiter may not have an opportunity at that time but he/she will certainly keep you inind as a strong prospect as a every sales person does. He/She will always keep you in mind as a revenue for the organization. Once you meet the recruiter keep in constant touch and be sure that you will certainly get call from him/her as she/he has an opportunity.

4) Do not keep in touch with many recruiters: Avoid keeping in touch with many consultant so that you can keep your job search confidential

5) Once the recruiter gives you any option:do the proper ground work by asking the written job description and also ask about HR and about the expected questions> If require meet the recruiter in person once again over a cup of coffee. Visit the website of the company to have all the 1st hand information.

6) Feed Back:Ask for the honest feed back about your round of interview. If not shortlisted ask reasons to recruite and never do the repeated mistake

7) Be always open for option: Last but not least, look out for an option when you do not need it, because in this competitive world you do not know when you will need it

Suhas Shivalkar

P.S. Please comment. First Three comments get surprise gift.Such as

1) I Pad.                                        2) 2 Nights,                                3) Gift Voucher worth 
                                                           3 days trip to Lavasa                       Rs.1000