Saturday, 6 December 2014

Health Insurance, the Best Option for Agency Channel Candidate...!


It has been always observed that once you join in Agency Channel, after particular point of time, you stop growing, professorially.

The candidates who join at the sourcing level, it takes maore than 7 to 8 years fime span to for them to reach the non-sourcing level.

It is because of the various levels introduced by the Smart HR. You have to cross minimum 4 to 5 levels to reach non-suorcing level. Despite of reaching non sourcing leve alss, you still source the business by doing various joint calls.

The Agency Channel, being so competitive the percentage of candidate attaining non-sourcing role is only 7 percent. Many of the candidate miss the promotion just by four to five policies. Some times even companies play smart by increasing or revising the criterion when the number of candidate achieving the promotion is on higher side, so that can still filter some more candidates. One leading company is has literally stoped promoting high performers in sourcing candidate,the reasons being, if they promote them in Managerial Role wherein no direct sourcing is involved,the business which is coming from them will be stopped.

One of the alternative is open to Agency Channel candidate is to join Health Insurance companies. For instance Religare Health Insurance, Max Bupa Life Insurance are the excellent companies to work for.

The Profile in Agency Channel is also simple. You do not have to do fresh recruitment and licencing. All you have to do is get the advisers who are already having licence, one day training to get code and they can start doing the business on the same license as the advisers are allowed to sell any one health insursnce company`s product on the same licence.

The Advantage here is the advisers are already having the customer base of their won to whoom they have already sold Life Insurance polices. They can sell them the Health Insurance Plan. Each and every one in the family requires the the Mediclaim as the medical expenditures is very high when you get in to the health trap.

The Industry is also on the take off stage, and those who have already done good work in Life Insurance Agency Channel can look at it good prospective option as the growth is relatively faster now in health insurance as compare to life insurance

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Excellent Opportunity for Creative Marketing Professionals

Job Profile

Managing & Execution of Marketing research requirements by liaising with the research agencies (Nielsen, TNS, IMRB, Hansa research etc) on ongoing projects
Managing & Execution of Marketing research requirements by liaising with the research agencies (Nielsen, TNS, IMRB, Hansa research etc) on ad-hoc projects
 Managing & Execution of research requirements across functions and business
Managing the billing and vendor payments related to market research projects
Ensure timely delivery of projects
 Ensure quality output of projects
  In-depth analysis and interpretation of data
   Monthly updates to marketing team, quarterly inputs to creative and media agencie

 Finalization of the brief with the internal teams
Assessing the research proposals
 Monitoring research field work to ensure quality field work
Conducting internal analysis. Correlate BSLI’s business information with the research information so as to
provide context to our findings and make it relevant to our own information
 To ensure timely receipt of bills
   To ensure timely payments made
    Complete documentation/ MIS for bill update
   Accuracy in vendor payments

Principal Accountabilities

Develop Product Requirement Framework

.     Evaluate Industry trends and Identify potential opportunities across different customer need solutions for different group of products like Wealth, Child, Retirement, Health, Rural, Protection / Group etc.
.  Assess the impact of economic environment on the financial services domain and make product recommendations based on research and analysis
.     Monitor and evaluate impact of regulatory guidelines on existing products
Establish Product and Proposition Analysis
Product Research & Development Process
     Distributor/customer  research (in coordination with Marketing) to understand product impact and future requirements    Gather data relevant to products within the social media framework
    Attain market Intelligence (keep a track of competitor’s new product launches & performance)
    Create / Vet Brochures, Application / Enrolment Form, COI, FAQ’s, Policy Contracts, Product Specifications, Product Presentations for Individual & Group Products
.     Support in data, analysis & research required for existing product communications
.     Develop and maintain strong knowledge for all of the major markets & products in the portfolio, including an understanding of product strategy and positioning as inherent part of product life cycle
.     Create relevant formats like ‘Product Newsletters’ and monthly competitive reviews to be circulated amongst sales force based on the life cycle requirements
Sales Support

Monday, 1 December 2014

Grand Openings in Bank Assurance with Leading Brand

Job Description

Business Delivery:
  • Achieve the assigned target in terms of revenue
  • Drive and Monitor all sales initiatives so as to meet its objective
  • Study competitor activities and tracking of the business figures to formulate strategies at the branch level for maximum business and mindshare.
Business Development:
  • Day to day activities of channel management, team management and sales management.
  • Conduct out of office calls as per need of the team and as defined in the sales activity Management.
  • Recruitment and Induction of CAMs.
  • Conduct trainings for channel partner
  • Execution of the sales strategy by the use of robust MIS ensuring successful management.
  • Ensure adherence by the teams to the sales management process.
  • Conduct reviews and feedback sessions with the teams for continuous business delivery and business development.
Channel Partner Management:
  • Interact regularly with the channels partners at agreed levels to have a committed and a partnership based relationship.
  • Communicating and agreeing appropriate expectations with the channel partners at the local level.
  • Enable smooth information flow on agreed business parameters.
  • Drive to ensure optimum utilization of real estate of the channel partner.
  • Possess direct selling skills

Desired Candidates 

  • Should be 25-28 years old with expert knowledge of the field.
  • Self-driven, dynamic personality committed to meeting targets.
  • 3-9 years of experience in managing channel partners, preferably in  the Bancassurance channel.
  • Must have at-least 4 to 87 years of team management experience.
  • Must have excellent proven track record in current organisation.

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