Saturday, 29 November 2014

Will You Get Another Job?

Will You get another job?
Did you launch your job search activities with a burst of energy, set goals, seek support and launch your actions plan with lots of positive energy and hope? Did you get a lot of initial positive response from helpful friends, colleagues and business contacts, feel great about the process and then suddenly everything ground to a halt?

Over the past 14 years coaching senior executives through their career transitions, I’ve found that even the most pro-active job seeker may experience a dip in activity at some stage. Even though this is quite normal, if the lull continues for more than a couple of weeks you will become discouraged. It’s now time to reassess each job search method and get creative.
At the start of a job search campaign, people update their resume, register with a number of recruitment agencies, and make a list of companies to target and make contact with their network to gain referrals. Things may go along well, perhaps even a few interviews may be secured and then … nothing. People who seemed so enthusiastic at first don’t return calls or emails; suddenly there is a deadly silence. If this happens time and time again, insidiously doubt slithers into your mind and you start to question your ability to secure a new role.
The momentum is lost. It’s easy to slip into catastrophic thinking at this stage if the months start to slip by and finances get tighter and you have mouths to feed, a mortgage to pay off and multiple expenses.
This experience is not unusual. Many job hunters find that getting moving initially is not that difficult however, as opportunities fall through and that initial list of contacts is exhausted, the search for work can move into a more difficult phase. Perhaps you have ‘hit the wall.’ Does this sound familiar to you?
Sometimes the people you speak with initially create the mistaken impression that finding a new position will only take a few weeks, or that the process is easy. Perhaps you are interpreting the feedback you are receiving (calls that are not returned, lack of response from recruiters, positions that suddenly are placed ‘on hold’ or filled by internal applicants) as a measure of your marketability, or lack of it, and you start to make negative emotional judgments on yourself that are not correct. With that sort of thinking, even the most successful professional may question the very elements that made them a success in the previous career.
You may feel like giving up. If you give up, you will not succeed. I remember a saying I once heard that only when it really gets dark can you see the stars.

First of all, know that statistically a typical job search for a professional in middle management can take up to 3-4 months. More senior positions may take considerably longer. When finding work is not as easy as it seemed after your initial enthusiastic start, don’t assume the worst – get the facts. Base your actions on facts and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Ask yourself if you are being too narrow in your search or if there is a piece of the puzzle you are omitting in the search process. Give yourself mini-breaks in your weekly routine to exercise, relax and enjoy the fresh air. Clear your head – learn how to meditate – it does help!
Step 2: MAINTAIN YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM – Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Stress can make you withdraw from friends, associates and family. Most people really do want to help however you need to let them know HOW they can help you. Talk to a friend or mentor, join a support group, or engage the support of a career coach for professional guidance. I’ve found that is a very helpful site to find like-minded people who meet regularly to discuss their areas of interest or expertise (this is professional as well as social.)
Make sure that you keep your resume updated with your relevant accomplishments, identify your transferrable skills and identify your personal and career values. Develop a marketing plan with realistic timeframes and realistic goals and objectives. If it doesn’t work, make adjustments; discuss them with a trusted associate who understands your job market and someone who understands the industry you are targeting.
Maintain regular work habits and full work weeks. Your job search is a FULL TIME JOB!
Implement task planning, keep up-to-date records and record results and follow up activities. Networking statistically has proven to be the most effective way to find a job. Ensure you budget about 70-80% of your time meeting people in your relevant network and getting feedback on your strategy. Always try to gain referrals in order to obtain more advice and guidance. How many people will you meet each week? In my coaching experience I’ve found that those who spend the most amount of time setting up networking meetings every week are the ones who generate the most opportunities, new ideas and support … and leads for jobs!
Consider what else you could do if your original goals don’t materialize. Should you consider short term or interim assignments where you can expand your experience without making a permanent commitment? This is an excellent way to demonstrate what you have to offer and expand upon your professional network. With a little luck and determination, a temporary assignment may turn into something more long-term. Think about alternative income streams – do you have an area of expertise that would lend itself into a consulting role? Think about expanding your skills – are you missing a key certification or qualification that could open more doors for you?
Not everyone you meet will be a positive, helpful influence. Give negativity a wide berth. Give yourself the chance to surround yourself with those who believe in you and are willing to share their experience and expertise. Positive attitudes are contagious. Winners focus on possibilities and positive outcomes.
Talk to others who have experienced an extended job search. You will learn a lot about resilience from them. They have hit low points, assessed the situation, asked for support and made conscious decisions to adapt and move on. It may be difficult to believe it but things really do get better if you can take charge and keep at it. Remember that a winner never quits. Balance your time so that you are spending the right amount of time on the critical activities of each phase of your campaign.
Be brave enough to acknowledge that your job search campaign has stalled and then be creative to get it moving again. Remember that you do not have to do this alone. Enlist the support of your friends and family, close ex-colleagues and all of those you respect. Sign up a ‘job search buddy’ who will keep you on track and accountable.
In order to experience positive results you have to take positive action. Maintain records of your activity – set your own KPI’s and stick to them. Reward yourself each time you tick off a day’s worth of positive activity. If you still need more help, enlist the support of a qualified career coach. Having regular encouragement and objective guidance makes a world of difference.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Option for Agency Channel, Life Insurance Candidates


It has been always observed that Financial Sector is a booming Industry. After the FDI is implemented, the major impact will be on Finacial Sector.

In financial sector we have mainly

Life Insurance
General Insurance
Health Insrance
Mutual Fund.

Many a times if it is more than 2 years the candidates from Life Insurance Sector they exhaust their natural market. They become stagnant and find very difficult to do recruitment of new financial advisers and also getting more and more business.

So therefore they do various creative activities and try to get business. Yet after some amount of time the sucess ration declines and then candidness opt in to explore options.

Among all the vertcals in financial sector the Mutual Fund Industry is one of the best option candidates can explore.

It is being noticed that the candidates work in Agency Channel in Life Insurance, are not having much options, but to stay in the same profile and keep changing the jobs in one company or the other on the entry level position

Another fact of the Agency Channel is the candidates who join on the entry level positions take very long time to get promoted from sourcing profile to non sourcing profile. The percentage of the candidates to grow in this perspective is not more than 8 percent.

The best option in this situation is to change the Vertical. One of the leading Mutual Fund Company always open to give chance to good  performers in Agency Channel in their Mutual Fund Company

The Job Profile is also very simple that they have to operate from their any relationship bank and promote the Mutual Fund.

The advantage here is they get the mileage becuse of bank, whenever they are approaching any customer they are aware of the customers financial status, so  all they have to do is excellent presentation and sell Mutual Fund

All you require to have to get in to the Mutual Fund Company is

3 years hard core sales experience in financial sectors in any vertical, even in agency channel
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Residing in Mumbai more than 4 years
Age Group is betwen 25 to 30 years

If you match this criterion you are a most appropriate and prospective candidate for Mutual Fund Industry.

Even female candidates with above parameters are eligible to apply for this position

Contact No:022 67932149

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Excellent Opportunities to HR Cosnultant

Hi All,

We are upcoming and very fast growing Management Constancy.

We have openings for Hr Consultants

 Job Profile:-

 Client Management. Coordinating with Major Clients at regular intervals and taking the requirements
Sourcing and Profiling: Explaining the requirement to the team members with the help of JD ( Job Description) given by the client and sourcing the right candidates from the job portal by doing the activities such as Job Postings,Mass E Mailing, Searches, Referencing, Headhunting and calling them to the office for further discussions
Arranging interviews: Once the candidate is shortlisted, line up their interviews wit respective HRs,Follow-ups for next rounds Joining and Retaining: Once the candidate has received the offer letter after selections, to ensure his joing and retaining him till the stipulated tenure
New Client Acquisition:Doing the business development by acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones

Desired Profile:
Minimum 1 years experience in similar Industry.
Excellent Communication and Presentation skills
Candidates with any other Industry Experience with Excellent communication skills
inclined to make career in HR also may apply.
Fresh Graduate/MBAs looking out to make career in HR may apply.
Non Graduate with excellent spoken English, with excellent communication and .presentation skills
also may apply

Training and Development: Managing  team of recruiters, designing the rewards recognition and performance management systems and taking a task of skills development

Company Profile:
We are very leading and very fast growing Management Consultancy based in Thane, Currently with manpower 11 recruiters, having plans of having 40 recruiters on board by the 1st week of  Dec. We are also looking out for Team Leader who are looking forward for growth and professional growth also may apply

We are also a big name in Corporate Training and development operating Pan India servicing to many MNC Clients on time to time basis

Salary is bar for right candidate.

022 67932149

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Opening As as Sales Executive on hospitality Sector

Position : Sales Development Executive 

Industry: Hospitality

CTC: 3 LPA to 3.25 LPA

Job Profile

Managing Existing Clients
Acquisition of new clients
Exploring new business opportunities
Leads Management
Keeping the PR with existing clients and generate reference to enhance the business

Desired Candidate Profile:
Minimum 3 years Experience in hardcore sales,preferably in  Service Industry
Excellent Communications and Presentation skills
Must be residing in Mumbai more than 4 years
Age Group: Between 26 to 31 years
Must have excellent proven track recrord in current organization
Fresh Graduates inclined to make career in sales also may apply.

Company Profile:
Our Client is one of the undisputed No 1 company in Hospitality sector having more than 1,60,000
satisfied customers in India and abroad. Having more than 40 properties in India and and various strategical business alliances all over the Globe.

As the are growing and expanding the spectrum of operation, the are looking forward to recruit the best talent in sales and business development from the market
The remuneration is no bar for right candidate

Contact No: 022 67932144

If you are /or not looking for Job Change....,

Hi All,

Good Morning,

Its always the case that once we are doing well in the existing job, have competed two plus year, we are in comfort zone and not looking out for job change.

We do not even upload the cv on job portal for two reasons
a) The HR of existing company may come know, she inform the same to your reporting boss and boss starts looking at you in two perspectives. He has threat to loose you or gets upset just for you are looking out for change without confiding him
2) We are little lazy to go out of our comfort zone.

If it is so, its ok, but it is always ideal to have knowledge of current job market scenario
You must have options open, and the actual time to explore the option is when you do not need it. Because you do not know when you will need it. So you must do following:-

Modify Your CV: Take a good look at your current cv and modify it according to your current job profile and upload it preferably on As the Job portal always speak about your modifaction and updation. Modifiaction indicates that you downloaded your cv, updated it and uploaded. Updated indicates that you have respnded to some mass mail of and just clicked so its updated. The recruiters always watch the span between modified and updated

Respond to recruiters call: You will start getting the calls from recruiters. Entertain their call as you do not know what kind of opportunity is knocking your door.

Pay a visit to the Recruiters Office: Once you spoken to recruiter and if you find her/him really matured enough to all the questions meet him/her personally and discuss your cv. If the recruiter is experienced enough will immediately tell you what types of qustions you you go through during thefirst round of your interview.

Practice Interview: If you find any profile interesting attend the interview with open mind. If you are not shortlisted, there is nothing to loose. But  do not forget to find the lacuna about not getting shortlisted ,you will have a great education about not doing mistakes.

If Selected: If you are selected take a proper look at the opportunity. Negotiate the CTC, get the first hand information from the internet, read the reviews  about the organization and if you find everything smooth then take a call.

Contact No: 022 67932149(022) 679 321 49

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ten Things can jeopardize your career

Careers rarely follow a smooth, linear trajectory. If you’re experiencing a stalled or faltering career — and most of us do at some point or another — take a good look in the mirror. Are you guilty of exhibiting any of these common behaviors? These ten career-killing pitfalls can mean the difference between an upward ride and a downward spiral at work. If you recognize your own behaviors here, make it your mission to change them — before you have to. In time, you’re likely to see your career move from a stall to a soar.
  • Misfiring on performance or values — Overcommitting and under-delivering.
  • Resistance to change — Failing to embrace new ideas.
  • Being a Problem Identifier vs a Problem Solver.
  • Winning over your boss but not your business peer group.
  • Always worrying about your next career move versus focusing on the present.
  • Running for office – it’s totally transparent to everyone but you!
  • Self-importance — exhibiting a humorless, rigid attitude.
  • Lacking the courage and conviction to push back on the system.
  • Forgetting to develop your own succession plan for when you get promoted.
  • Complacency — you've stopped growing
     Grand Forum India, Power to transition 

Source: Jack Welch, Executive Chairman. Jack Walech Management Institute, Stayer University