Saturday, 21 March 2015

Challenges for a Sales Manager in Life Insurance Sector in agency Channel

Challenges for a Sales Manager in Life Insurance Sector in agency Channel

It has been observed that the job market is full of opportunities. The sales candidates are in demand.
As the Life insurance Sector is growing sector the entire industry is recruiting sales managers through out the year.

Selection Process;
in all the Life Insurance Companies the candidates have following 5 factors in his Cv, normally gets selected.
1) Graduate
2) Minimum 3 years experience in any sales
3) Excellent communications
4) Residing in Mumbai more than 4 years
5) average age group between 24 to 38 years

They also give excellent growth on the existing ctc if the candidate is good

But over a period of time you exhaust the natural market and your recruitment and business stops. The candidates starts getting lot of pressure from the Branch Manager

If you have to survive in the system then you have to keep on recruiting more and more.

The Best way to get rid of this problem  is to join Health Insurance Company where you have to get the adviser who are already have IRDA Licence and on the same  Licence they can sell one health insurance.

The advantage for such adviser he has already his existing customers where he can promote the health insurance.

One can avoid the entire exercise of identifying new recruiters, convincing,licencing, as he gets everything ready made

There are few Health Insurance Companies such as max Bupa, Religare Health, Appollo Munich etc are recruiting big time in all the channels such as Agency, Banccasurance and Alternate Channel also offering good remunerations

Candidates who have finished with their natural market,must not get worried, instead of that must opt in for Health Insurance

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