Thursday, 20 November 2014

If you are /or not looking for Job Change....,

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Its always the case that once we are doing well in the existing job, have competed two plus year, we are in comfort zone and not looking out for job change.

We do not even upload the cv on job portal for two reasons
a) The HR of existing company may come know, she inform the same to your reporting boss and boss starts looking at you in two perspectives. He has threat to loose you or gets upset just for you are looking out for change without confiding him
2) We are little lazy to go out of our comfort zone.

If it is so, its ok, but it is always ideal to have knowledge of current job market scenario
You must have options open, and the actual time to explore the option is when you do not need it. Because you do not know when you will need it. So you must do following:-

Modify Your CV: Take a good look at your current cv and modify it according to your current job profile and upload it preferably on As the Job portal always speak about your modifaction and updation. Modifiaction indicates that you downloaded your cv, updated it and uploaded. Updated indicates that you have respnded to some mass mail of and just clicked so its updated. The recruiters always watch the span between modified and updated

Respond to recruiters call: You will start getting the calls from recruiters. Entertain their call as you do not know what kind of opportunity is knocking your door.

Pay a visit to the Recruiters Office: Once you spoken to recruiter and if you find her/him really matured enough to all the questions meet him/her personally and discuss your cv. If the recruiter is experienced enough will immediately tell you what types of qustions you you go through during thefirst round of your interview.

Practice Interview: If you find any profile interesting attend the interview with open mind. If you are not shortlisted, there is nothing to loose. But  do not forget to find the lacuna about not getting shortlisted ,you will have a great education about not doing mistakes.

If Selected: If you are selected take a proper look at the opportunity. Negotiate the CTC, get the first hand information from the internet, read the reviews  about the organization and if you find everything smooth then take a call.

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