Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Option for Agency Channel, Life Insurance Candidates


It has been always observed that Financial Sector is a booming Industry. After the FDI is implemented, the major impact will be on Finacial Sector.

In financial sector we have mainly

Life Insurance
General Insurance
Health Insrance
Mutual Fund.

Many a times if it is more than 2 years the candidates from Life Insurance Sector they exhaust their natural market. They become stagnant and find very difficult to do recruitment of new financial advisers and also getting more and more business.

So therefore they do various creative activities and try to get business. Yet after some amount of time the sucess ration declines and then candidness opt in to explore options.

Among all the vertcals in financial sector the Mutual Fund Industry is one of the best option candidates can explore.

It is being noticed that the candidates work in Agency Channel in Life Insurance, are not having much options, but to stay in the same profile and keep changing the jobs in one company or the other on the entry level position

Another fact of the Agency Channel is the candidates who join on the entry level positions take very long time to get promoted from sourcing profile to non sourcing profile. The percentage of the candidates to grow in this perspective is not more than 8 percent.

The best option in this situation is to change the Vertical. One of the leading Mutual Fund Company always open to give chance to good  performers in Agency Channel in their Mutual Fund Company

The Job Profile is also very simple that they have to operate from their any relationship bank and promote the Mutual Fund.

The advantage here is they get the mileage becuse of bank, whenever they are approaching any customer they are aware of the customers financial status, so  all they have to do is excellent presentation and sell Mutual Fund

All you require to have to get in to the Mutual Fund Company is

3 years hard core sales experience in financial sectors in any vertical, even in agency channel
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Residing in Mumbai more than 4 years
Age Group is betwen 25 to 30 years

If you match this criterion you are a most appropriate and prospective candidate for Mutual Fund Industry.

Even female candidates with above parameters are eligible to apply for this position

Contact No:022 67932149

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