Friday, 6 February 2015

Health Insurance Revolution

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Health Insurance Industry is most fast growing Industry in the entire financial sector. All the medical treatments are getting very costly day by day. The decease diagnosing is also becoming very costly. So the general trend is if any one has any health challenges they do not mentioned and tre to manage by taking some pills or the other and do not consult due to the fear or with the mind set that if they cosult the doctor, he may advise them to go through some tests and second time when they again go with the medical reports they may land up knowing that some critical decease is being detected and they have to go through some costly treatments.

The normal public gets baffled by such instruction coining from doctors about  the medical treatments the major concern is the experiences going to be incurred for the same.

We have an option for all these "Fear Perception" called "Medical Insurance" and its is the need of the our.

The Health Insurance Industry is registering an unprecedented growth and we have Health Insurance Companies in India are giving the best riders

With the fast growth in the Industry the demand for the sales personnel is gone tremendously high and all the Pharma Sales employees are joining Health Insurance Companies as the remunerations are excellent and the selling health policies is no more a difficult task.

The Health Insurance Industry welcomes good sales talent from any Industry. They are looking for following factors in the candidate

Minimum 3 years ex[experience in hard core sales in any Industry/Product/Sector/services
Very Good Communications and Presentation skills
Age Group between 26 to 32 years
Person must be residing in Mumbai more than 4 years

If any sales person meeting above five parameters is really in for the best job career ahead, If he is open for opting in challenges. He will have excellent salary and can mint money in terms of mind boggling incentives

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